What Clients Say ?

Ordered the Cetus ceiling lamp… And I have to say our foyer never looked so pretty and stylish! I must admit we were a bit worried about all the crystal pieces getting home safe and sound… Luckily everything was perfectly well packed. Definitely would buy again!


Annie Gibson.-Austin, Texas.

Bought the Delphi ceiling lamp for our dining room, then immediately changed my mind and wanted to switch to the Alcor model. I contacted customer service and were more than willing to help me make the changes to my order, finally, my lamp arrived on the date they promised. They gained one more happy client 🙂


Robert Stanley.-Portland, Oregin.

Our Moni pendants for our kitchen island just arrived and they look gorgeous!!! It took them about two and a half weeks to arrive. Definetly worth the wait. Excellent quality and design.


Carol Hall.-Providence, Rhode Island.